Bafunny Bafunny: The Dream Team of Comedy

This is the dream team of comedy. Eight of South Africa’s finest comedians have come together for a tour of the country ahead of a big soccer event that you or may not have heard of. Our local soccer team probably won’t make it very far, so if you want to back a winning side, give your support to Bafunny Bafunny. Check out the trailer below.

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The team is thus:

  • Coach, Mark Banks, A.K.A Markos Santanos Bankos
  • The Captain, Barry Hilton A.K.A “The Cousin”
  • Trevor “Delicious” Noah
  • Nik “Bokkie” Rabinowitz
  • Loyiso “Laduuuma” Gola
  • Marc ‘Long Shot’ Lottering
  • Kagiso ‘Kaka’ Ladiga
  • John ‘Die Voël’ Vlismas

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s quite an outstanding bunch of funny guys. I had hoped for Rob van Vuuren to be in the starting lineup, but I think he’s still making love in this club. Pity.

Bafunny Bafunny’s tour will take them to Cape Town, Durban, and Juburg between May 28th and June 5th. Tickets are priced from R120 to R200. For more info about the team and their fixtures at the official Bafunny Bafunny website.

[thanks Martin]

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I expercted more from these guys,wasnt worth it at all,I left half way!
Digalings were much better!