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Terry Crews Adds Absurdity to Old Spice

Of late I’ve been loving the Old Spice ads. The Manmercials were hilariously funny and totally convinced me that men shouldn’t smell like sunsets and baby powder. A man on a horse told me that.

The latest ads for Old Spice’s new Odor Blocker body wash are equally funny, but with added absurdity care of muscle-bound actor Terry Crews (The Expendables, Everybody Hates Chris). Crews waxes lyrical about the product amid talking abdominals, building kicks, and Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-power!

Check out all the LOLworthy ads after the jump.

The ads were directed by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. You might recall an earlier post where we showed you Wareheim’s music video for Major Lazer’s Pon De Floor.

[via Black Notes]

14 replies on “Terry Crews Adds Absurdity to Old Spice”

Of course Tim and Eric had to be responsible for these.

I almost start crying because I was laughing so hard.

lol… dude just go to gym, drink loads of protein shakes and work out like you don’t have a life. you’ll be able to pull off the ‘pecs’ twitch in no time.

it wont work with implants unless you have strong enough pectoral muscles. obviously the same applies to she-males ;)