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The Long LOST Tarot Cards

Graphic designer Alex Griendling hails from Kentucky and must like me, be pretty much obsessed by the all -consuming and awful brilliance that is LOST.

Alex has artfully created a set of Tarot cards that represents some of the main characters and of course the island. Each card is beautifully and darkly designed in a smoke and mirrors sort of way, and symbolizes each character’s essence and being. For those who aren’t sure what tarot cards have to do with anything, tarot cards were originally used for playing innocent card games, but over the centuries¬† have taken on a more esoteric and mystical function and are now used to tell fortunes. You can read all about traditional tarot decks and their uses here. As far as what tarot cards have to do with LOST, your guess is as good as mine, but none-the-less they seem to fit perfectly with the freakishly weird mysticism and twisted ideology that envelops possibly the best TV show ever made.

If you haven’t watched a lick of LOST, then (I feel sorry for you LOSER) tread carefully as there may be spoilers. See the full list of LOST tarot cards after the jump.

See more of Griendling’s work on his official website. You can follow him on Twitter as well.

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8 replies on “The Long LOST Tarot Cards”

You know the old joke – How do you screw with somebody’s head? Ask a Lost fan what the story is.

Several years on and we’re still hazy about what’s going on.

And here they are “trying” to tell us what is happening in the final season…
well, i have just started watching the whole lost myself, as i never followed it from when it first started, i am halfway through season 3, and i think everyone on the island is an idiot, and just run around doing random things.

mmm i don’t know how you guys can sit through lost?
i was furious with the ending of season 1, it just ended exactly the way it started… me being utterly confused with a permanent WTF expression on my face.
the only time i’ve ever been as upset with an ending of a season, was when they pulled the plug on Rome 2.

lost needs to end, and only then will i consider start watching it again. there’s only so much ‘confusionment’ i can handle.

wicked tarot/lost cards though!

I must say I too loved Rome, but there’s just something about LOST…I do have moments of doubt though, and I can tell you that if it ends conclusion-less I swear to g-d the writers and producers are going to get “special” parcels from me.

I too was livid about the cancellation of Rome (and Arrested Development and Carnivàle to an extent) but the affair was getting far too expensive. Pity as there was so much history to come.

Back on point though, LOST season one is the standout for me. Lucy Furr was a bundle of nerves after that season finale (as was I). It was gripping TV at first but then it went a bit wonky with far too many questions being asked and not enough answers being handed out. The producers fixed that up, and it’s good now.

After investing so much time in LOST, I’d expect the ending to be good. If I get something like the half-arsed ending to The Sopranos, there will be blood.