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The Axis of Awesome!

The Axis of Awesome is comedy act out of Australia made up of Jordan, Lee, and the often forgot Benny (the short one). Jordan and Lee are wondering why the band hadn’t had a hit record yet, and Benny lets them in on a little secret – all the greatest hits from the past 40 years shared four fundamental chords, and repeating those same four chords has resulted in pretty much every pop song ever.

Their 4 Chords song is a medley of 36 pop tracks that all contain the same basic chord structure. Check it out below.

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How to Bake a Scone

The audio is not great so here are the lyrics:

Step One, Pre-heat the oven ’til it’s hot
And take the mixing bowl or pot
Spatula or wooden spoon
Settle down, we’ll be baking soon
A cup of milk, A cup of flour
Mix in an egg, wait for an hour
Take sultanas to fill the hole
I just can’t wait to lick the bowl
Take the bowl´╗┐ and pour the mixture in
Make sure that you pre-grease the tin
You see it’s easy, it won’t take long
Now you know, how to bake a scone.

What Would Jesus Do?


Find out more about the trio on their official website. Their awesomeness can be found on Twitter as well.

[via Black Notes]

3 replies on “The Axis of Awesome!”

I’d have to say “How to Bake a Scone” is my top pick. It’s like the song The Fray were meant to sing instead of the rubbish one they did sing.