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Disney Princesses Get a Macabre Makeover

You may have thought the superheroes in our gender reversal post were a tad skanky, so we wanted to turn things around with this post. Try as we might we couldn’t find any overly prudish superheroes, sorry. The chances of that were as high as Julius Malema making any sense when he talks. Bloody agent.

We moved on and our next search brought us to character designer Jeffrey Thomas who has a knack for taking your fond childhood memories and twisting them into something quite sinister. In his Twisted Princess series, Thomas takes some of Disney’s beloved princesses and gives them with a makeover from hell. He often includes a new story line explaining how they got that way.

Have a look at some of the twisted princesses after the jump.

See more in the series on Thoma’s deviantART profile.

5 replies on “Disney Princesses Get a Macabre Makeover”

Pocahontas looks like she gonna axe somebody. That’s because she did according to Thomas.

This is what Pocahontas would become if John Smith was killed by Governor Ratcliffe. In a fit of rage , she kills the Governor to avenge John, but she isn’t satisfied. So she goes on a killing spree, ending the life of any and all settlers but it doesn’t fix her broken heart.