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Bleed Your Colours

Dear readers, you may have noticed some Nike advertising on the blog in the past few days. If you’ve clicked on a few of those adverts then please accept our thanks for we shall be able to afford beer, breath mints, and dog food (we have two flying puppies).

In these ads, you’ll recognize pretty-boy footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who will soon be visiting our South African shores for the football extravaganza, the 2010 FIFA World Cup. You may have also noticed the popped collar of that ubiquitous polo shirt he’s wearing. It’s no ordinary polo, for it is the Nike Grand Slam Polo that is made from flat-knit fabric and features a subtle vented collar construction. I have no idea what that means, but it certainly does look cool, and sometimes that’s all you need in life.

To launch the Grand Slam Polo, Nike enlisted the services of British photographer Rankin and athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Joe Cole, and Patrice Evra. Have a look at the Bleed Your Colours ad below.

To see more top kit, have a look at Nike Sportswear on Facebook and on Twitter.

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3 replies on “Bleed Your Colours”

Woohoo pop those collars boys! :devil: For those of you that know me (probably all 2 of you), you’ll know I’m being sarci – I think popped collars are grim and preppy. However the shirts look pretty good, and if someone is nice for the next few months he might get one for his birthday (and there will go all the cash we’re supposed to spend on dog food, worm pills and light bulbs).

it could be my irrational dislike of the metro-sexual lifestyle (utter waste of time and money imo), but i find it hard to take anyone seriously that sports a manbag.
then again i suppose he appeals to a very, very wide market… leaving the closet door ever so slightly ajar covers all bases ;)