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Time to Get Ugly With Jonah Hex

We have just returned from watching Iron Man 2. It was entertaining although not as great as the first one. Also, whilst Don Cheadle is a great actor, I really did miss Terence Howard as Rhodey. He and Downey Jr. had a great chemistry, something I didn’t quite see in Cheadle’s performance. It was admirable but a little flat. Anyways, you’re clearly not here for that.

Just as Iron Made made it from the comic book to the big screen, a DC Comics antihero who has been around since the 70s will soon be crossing the divide. In the upcoming action flick Jonah Hex, the surly bounty hunter is given a chance to clear warrants on his head if he tracks down and stops the plans of the villainous Quentin Turnbull. Hex was left scarred by Turnbull in the past so payback is certainly going to get ugly.

The first trailer hit the Internet this weekend. Check it out below – be warned it contains Megan Fox so you may be repulsed or titillated.

The role of Jonah Hex is played by Josh Brolin (Planet Terror, No Country for Old Men), with John Malkovich (Shadow of the Vampire, Con Air) playing Turnbull. And in one of her most challenging roles, Megan Fox tackles the role of Leila, a gun-wielding prostitute.

Jonah Hex releases in U.S. theatres on June 18th (movie poster) but it seems South African audiences may have to wait until August 3rd to see it.

Update (May 17th): Warner Brothers has recently released a set of new character posters for the movie. We thought you might like to see them. Megan Fox is there by default, but the inconvenient title text is obscuring her naughty bits.

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8 replies on “Time to Get Ugly With Jonah Hex”

I spotted it before I left for the bachelors this past weekend but didn’t have time to put it up. Can’t say I’m exactly thrilled about Megan Fox being in it though.

Looks wicked – can’t wait :devil: Although I’m not happy about Megan Fox either – she really should just keep her mouth shut that way we’d never know she was brain damaged as well as having those weird dwarf thumbs.

It’s a sad day for cinema when Megan Fox is the draw card for a film. I’d be even keener to see it if she wasn’t in it – but I get where you’re coming from I think.

I never really read this comic, but i am sure it would be interesting. a definate must see!

Jonah Hex scores 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s what Hollywood & Fine had to say about Fox’ performance:

There’s plenty of action and lots of exploding fireballs, but nary an ounce of tension. Indeed, everyone, not just Malkovich, seems to be sleepwalking through this film. Except for Megan Fox, who is such a terrible actress that she couldn’t even act like she’s sleepwalking.