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Awesome Star Wars-Inspired Loteria Cards

We’re carrying on the Happy Star Wars happiness. It’ll stop soon I promise, for tomorrow shall belong to the dark side of the Force. Darth Vader tweeted this earlier today:

@darthvader: In addition, I declare tomorrow to be “Dark Lord of the 5th Day”. Send money. And rebels.

In any case, we thought you might like this. Ever since he was little, artist Chepo Peña has been a fan of Star Wars. He grew up playing Lotería which is a Mexican game of chance using a special deck of 54 cards, each possessing a special image and number.

Peña has mashed two of his favourite things together to create a new set of Lotería cards that where he replaced the traditional elements with characters from the Star Wars saga. For example in the La Luna card the moon is now the Death Star, or with card #9, El Barril, the barrel is now depicted by Artoo (poor little guy). Have a look at some of Peña’s Lotería cards after the jump.

3 – La dama (The lady)

6 – La sirena (The mermaid)

9 – El barril (The barrel)

12 – El valiente (The Brave One)

14 – La muerte (The Death)

20 – El pájaro (The Bird)

21 – La mano (The hand)

22 – La bota (The boot)

23 – La luna (The moon)

27 – El corazón (The heart)

30 – El camarón (The shrimp)

33 – La araña (The spider)

37 – El mundo (The world)

38 – El apache (The spache)

42 – La calavera (The skull)

Nice choice of visual puns, no? Peña wants to create the full set of Star Wars-inspired Lotería cards. He has 16 more to do. Have a look at his current collection at

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