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The “Machete” Illegal Trailer is Muy Loco!

Remember the Grindhouse double feature directed by messieurs Tarantino and Rodriguez, and fake trailers that were shown in between the two flicks? We won’t blame you if you don’t remember, it was so 2007.

One of those fake trailers is not so fake and soon we will get to see the grizzled Mexican-America Danny Trejo in his first ever feature film. He’ll be playing “the wrong Mexican to fuck with” in Robert Rodriguez’s exploitation flick, Machete. In it, the former Mexican federale accepts a murder contract from a shady businessman, gets double-crossed, and with help from some unsavory friends, attempts to hunt down the bad guys like bleeding dogs in the snow. The teaser trailer hit the Internet today and is crazy-fun, check it out below.

Rodriguez wrote Machete in 1993 with Trejo in mind but didn’t get around to making it until recently. Machete stars a set of great old-school (old being the operative word) actors in Robert De Niro, Cheech Marin, and Don Johnson. Mr Crime-Vision himself, Steven Seagal, will play a drug lord. The deadly eye-candy will be supplied by Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, and Lindsay Lohan.

Machete will be airing in U.S. cinemas on September 3rd. No word if it’ll make its way down to South Africa.

UPDATE (July 9th): Here’s a brand new trailer:

[via Complex Magazine | Den of Geek]

5 replies on “The “Machete” Illegal Trailer is Muy Loco!”

They would probably release “Machete” the way did the Grindhouse films (Planet Terror & Death Proof). By the time the cinema bosses realised and screened them here, they were already on DVD for months, overseas.
Interesting to see Trejo headlining a film.

I caught Tejo in From Dusk Til Dawn a couple of night back. He was so young then. Cheech was awesome as the pussy man.

I’ll drop Nu Metro a message on Twitter about Machete. Hopefully they’ll put it on their system.