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Creative Opening Credits for LOST

The creation of messieurs Lindelof, Abrams, and Lieber will soon come to its end. Lost will conclude in its sixth season this year, with the 121st episode being aired on May 23rd. Some couldn’t careless whilst others will be mourning it like the death of a dear friend. Some of our readers gave their opinions in the Long Lost Tarots Cards post. However you feel about the show, it has become very much a part of popular culture, with a veritable army of devoted fans.

Aside from its title screen, Lost doesn’t feature any opening credits and it is these fans who pay tribute to their favourite show by creating alternate opening credit sequences. Have a look at some of their interpretations after the jump, beware they may contain spoilers.

LOST! Opening Credits (1967)

Lost vs. Saul Bass (more great stuff by Hexagonall can be found here)


LOST/House M.D. Credits

Lost: Baywatch

That 70’s Lost

Station Galactica- BSG/Lost Crossover

Lost Theme Tune

Which one did you like best?

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2 replies on “Creative Opening Credits for LOST”

I really like the humour and music from the 1967 opening sequence. Girls in bikinis – va va voom!

Hexagonall’s Saul Bass inspired intro comes in a close second.