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Solve Our Crossword & Win Red Dead Redemption Goodies

NOTE: This competition has ended, sorry.

I’ve been quietly excited about Rockstar Games’ upcoming title for short a while now but with every trailer, gameplay video, and featurette that has come along, the excitement has grown to a deafening crescendo. And in a mere seven days (four if you live in the U.S.), gamers around the world will be able to saddle up and travel back to the American frontier. It’s the early 1900s and a time of violent change, the death of the Wild West is at hand, and former outlaw John Marston is just trying to live a straight life. Violence touches Marston again and he is forced to hunt down his old companions to bury his past, one gunslinger at a time. That’s the gist of the epic western, Red Dead Redemption, which will be coming to all good gaming consoles (sorry Wii owners) on May 21st. In case you missed it, click here to see the launch trailer that aired yesterday.

To get you in the mood for Red Dead Redemption, our friends at Megarom and Look & Listen have put together a sweet hamper for us to give away to one lucky (and industrious) reader. Instead of the usual Flash game type of competition, we’ve gone back to a format from last year that proved both interesting and educational – a crossword puzzle! And to win the hamper, all you will need to do is solve our little puzzle. The Internet is your encyclopaedia so it should be fun, like shooting fish in a barrel. Find all the competition details after the jump.

Our hamper is made up of some cool merchandise from the game and a set of classic western movies. The contents of the hamper are:

  • A Red Dead Redemption t-shirt – it’s red and a size large.
  • A Red Dead Redemption sticker – mmm … sticky.
  • A bar of eradication soap – it’s tough on blood and manure.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (DVD)
  • The Outlaw Josey Wales (DVD)
  • Unforgiven (DVD)
  • Young Guns (DVD)

To stand a chance of winning the hamper, we would like you to solve this wild west inspired crossword puzzle.

Here are the clues:


2. A fearless Apache warrior and exclamation uttered before jumping.
3. An eccentric justice of the peace held court in his saloon along the Rio Bravo. What was his last name?
7. Which 50s film starring Gregory Peck referenced famous cowboy Johnny Ringo? (2words)
8. A famous single action revolver introduced in 1872 is considered to be the gun that won the West. What brand was it?
9. On July 21st 1873, Jesse James and the James-Younger Gang made off with USD 3, 000 from a train robbery. Which right-wing organization uniform did they use as disguises?
10. A rope used by cowboys to catch animals.
14. The type of westerns Sergio Leone made?
15. What type of Native American dance was thought to have instigated the massacre that was The Battle at Wounded Knee Creek?
16. Mustangs are often referred to as wild horses, but are in fact feral horses. Which country is the true wild horse native to?
17. Cattle rustler Big Nose George Parrot was lynched in 1881. His skin was used to make a medical bag and what other useful item?
19. In a 1966 low-budget flick, which supernatural foe did Billy the Kid fight?


1. Which legendary town in Arizona was the site for the most famous gunfight in the history of the Old West?
4. What is a common name for a gunfighter? It is also the name of John Wayne’s final film.
5. The first detective agency of the United States founded in 1850?
6. A traditional Navajo dwelling whose door always faced east to welcome good wealth.
11. During the 19th century apples were hard to come by. What alternative was used in mock apple pie?
12. The first gold rush in the United States gave rise to a term that means a vein of precious ore?
13. Wild Bill Hickok held a dead man’s hand at the time of his murder. What game was he playing?
18. Which famous actor had his entire left lung removed in 1964? His last name will suffice.
19. What was the nickname of the gunfighter who was born with a cleft palate and went onto to open a dental practice?

If you’d like to print the crossword out, click HERE to download the PDF version.

You’ll notice that there are nine blocks that contain special yellow stars. The letters in those blocks will form a term (two words) that relates to the western genre. Decode the anagram and you could win! To be entered into the draw, send an email to with the following details:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Answer

The first person to email the correct answer to me gets an extra two entries into the draw.

This competition runs from Friday, May 13th to midnight on Thursday, May 27th and is only open to South African residents. Terms and conditions apply. Good luck pardner!

A big thanks to Megarom and Look & Listen for providing the competition prizes.

7 replies on “Solve Our Crossword & Win Red Dead Redemption Goodies”

Got your entries chaps! Sorry about that wait, but we have to give others a chance. Pity we couldn’t give the game away, that would have been rad.

Have you pre-ordered your copies? Take2 didn’t get all their stock of the standard editions and their pre-orders were sold out, but I’m told that’s fixed now. I know some people are waiting like hawks for retailers to break the street dates.