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Eyjafjallajokull in Beautiful Time-Lapse

You may (should) remember the volcanic eruptions at Eyjafjallajökull (pronunciation) last month. As it spewed out plumes of ash, air travel was disrupted across Europe – this visualization shows that quite well.

Not happy with the mediocre shots he had seen, photographer Sean Stiegemeier travelled to Iceland to see whether he could take better ones. After four days of travel and a further four days of bad weather, he managed to get a day-and-a-half worth of footage using his trusty Canon 5D Mark II. His beautiful time-lapse video is accompanied by the music of Icelandic musician Jónsi. Check it out below.

[via Gizmodo]

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This messenger SUX i have posted 3 times, and NOTHING is showing up! i will just email it to you!

a sum total of 1 pixel! lol! and then some jpeg shading around the pixel…. just makes you wander what is out there. i heard the funniest thing on the radio yesterday. (702) “Aliens have hijacked Voyager II”

Here is what a quick link for you.

Is this some alien playing the knock knock game? or is the battery just running out?

here’s another time lapse video, albeit just a representation, of the disruptions the volcano caused over europe in regards to air travel.
the scary thing is that the eyjafjallajökull volcano is a pretty small volcano! there are quite a few much larger ones… namely yellowstone. thankfully super eruptions are very rare.

@easy: You must have missed our post on Airspace Rebooted. I see what you mean about Yellowstone, with a caldera 55 km wide, I’d expect a massive fireworks show. Apparently scientists are being vague on the matter – they’re not sure when it’ll erupt but they know it will happen.

@Azraelz: That thing is 33 years old, I think it has a screw loose.

On matters more closer to home, I’m hoping Eyjafjallajökul won’t have an adverse effect on the delivery of Red Dead Redemption this Friday.

ahh humble apologies… i blame work for not allowing me to catch up on all my daily dose of internet goodness ;)

apparently the yellowstone ‘bowl’ is over due its cyclical venting, but then others say we still roughly 90 000 years off. not sure who these people are and how they know such things, but i do know if it does erupt it could spew over 1000 cubic kilometers of ash.

that’s a kuk load of ash.

hopefully rdr has already been imported… well i really hope so.

I blame work for not allowing me enough time to post said goodness.

I don’t think I could imagine what a 1000 cubic kilometres of ash would even look like.

About RDR: We’re getting screwed with the limited edition, there’s a “worldwide shortage” so it’s not being imported into the country in time for release. Both Take2 and Kalahari are experiencing shortages of the standard edition so they’re telling peeps to pre-order soon lest they go without on release day.