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Wonderfully Retro LOST Posters

You may recall Albert Exergian’s minimal poster for the hit TV series, LOST. If you liked that, then you might enjoy the silk-screened posters by designer Ty Mattson.

Earlier on this year Mattson, a huge fan of the series, sat down to design an invite to a season six premiere party at his house, and ended up creating eight different LOST posters. From enigmatic John Locke to the quintessential eye scenes, his posters are wonderfully retro. See them out after the jump.

Only one of Mattson’s posters is available for purchase and that can be found on the official ABC TV Store.

[via GoDsGiMp]

BONUS: If you haven’t seen them already (not like you have a choice, you’re here now), check Hexagonall’s set of minimal LOST posters inspired by Saul Bass.

To buy any of Hexagonall’s posters, visit Imagekind.

BONUS #2:Mudron’s uncoloured LOST poster is amazingly detailed.

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Yes, LOST has a lot to answer in its finale next week. Word has it 2.5 hours is not enough for this, and the DVD and Blu-ray releases in August will contain may contain up to 20 minutes of additional footage.