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Super Cool Soccer Ads

I can’t say I’m a big fan of soccer. I remember having to play it during the physical ed classes in school. I use the word “play” loosely – I mainly sat on the bench and occasionally stepped out onto the pitch to kick a ball that wandered into my vicinity. If there ever was a position for what I did, it would be “left right out”.

With less than three weeks to go before the start of the 2010 soccer world cup here in South Africa, I found this great commercial to get me into the mood for footy. It’s packed with football royalty with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Patrice Evra, Wayne Rooney, and a certain donut-eating, beer-drinking cartoon character. Check out Nike: Write The Future below.

Coming up after the jump, another Nike ad directed by the very cool Guy Ritchie and Powerade’s never-ending game.

Similar to how some wild animals spend their day, this ad directed by Guy Ritchie shows from the first person perspective how one footballer spends his life. It’s cheeky, typically Ritchie’s style, and quite exhilarating to watch. See Nike: Take It To The Next Level below.

In this ad by Powerade, an endless soccer game played around the world. I find the rhythm and pace so infectious. See The Never-Ending Game below.

You can’t see it in the embedded clip, but the Powerade site on YouTube has a cool feature that allows you to click on certain frame for a “deep-dive” look at what is happening inside the minds and bodies of the players.

Which one (if any) did you like the most? If there are any soccer ads that you particularly like do let us know as well.

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3 replies on “Super Cool Soccer Ads”

Now if we had adds like that! There would be a lot more appreciation for the game and hype around the world cup.
In my opinion, this whole fifa ban on other people putting adds through is Bull S***!!!
If they allowed adds, there will be more sales, more hype, more enthusiasm.
just my stray opinion.

the amount of money that revolves around the world cup makes sure that title sponsors are looked after. nike probably spent more on their wc marketing than some small countries’ gdp!
plus if you look at the american’s superbowl advertising spend (+-$1m for 30 second spot, leaving out production costs), you find that only the most elite of companies can qualify. the footie wc is way bigger than that, 2006 wc drew an accumulative audience of 26 billion viewers (750 million unique)… phenomenal figures, phenomenal costs.

great ads though… i have little love for rondal-doh! but watching the adverts almost makes me respect him. o the evils of advertising :devil:

“Rondal-doh!” was easily the best thing in that ad!

As easy has said, it’s BIG money and Fifa is obliged to protect its sponsors and prevent any unnecessary association with the event so whilst we may think their clampdown of the “World Cup 2010” phrase is very draconian, it’s just business to them. Although, Kulula Airlines and their ambush marketing was pretty cool to see.

Oh, have you seen