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Lego Hello World: Horseattack’s Incredible Lego Printer

I have no love for printers. I learned that phrase from a senile old bat who used to tell me that she had no love for blacks, but that’s another story for another time. ;-)

Some time back I tried to install a Lexmark printer but Windows XP told me it couldn’t do that because the printer would compromise my system. Thus began my hate/hate relationship with printers and the bloody cartridges that costs as much as the device itself.

I never thought that the word “awesome” could have been said about a printer, but this is certainly something very special. YouTuber horseattack has built (from scratch) a working Lego printer complete with little Lego workers to operate it. Sure it may take an inordinate time to print anything but at least you won’t pay an arm and a leg for the cartridges. Check out the “Lego felt tip 110” printer as it prints “Hello World” and draws a cute picture of a horse.

[via Riaanwest]