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Win Copies of Pure Football!

NOTE: Entry into this competition is now closed. We’ll announce the winners soon, I promise.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is two days away and the united blare from Vuvuzelas all around South Africa is helping to ramp up the excitement levels. Our friends at Ubisoft are excited too, not only about the month-long spectacle awaiting us, but also their first foray into the core soccer genre, Pure Football. English captain Steven Gerrard graces the cover of this five-a-side arcade simulation that emphasizes aggression and physicality that perhaps might not be allowed in normal games of footy.

We’ve got two copies of Pure Football and don’t know what to do with them. You could take one of them off our hands by simply predicting the outcome of the two World Cup games that will be happening this Friday, South Africa vs Mexico and Uruguay vs France. Make your predictions, send us your entry, and wait for us to give you some good news. Dead simple right? Find the full details after the jump.

To stand a chance of winning Pure Football, fill in your contact details, predictions, preferred platform, and hit the Send button.

You’ll need to predict both outcomes correctly to get an entry into the draw. The competition is open to South African residents only and you’ll have from now until 4:00pm on Friday June 11th to send us your predictions. Terms and conditions apply. Once both games are over, we’ll collate the correct entries and pick two random winners. Good luck!

There was a form here, but is not available now. Such is life.

11 replies on “Win Copies of Pure Football!”

Good stuff!

Was Sandton that manic – are there any photos? Some people in our office complex gathered outside to blow their vuvuzelas. There was more spit in the vuvu than sound coming out the thing.

Gives a new meaning to swapping spit.
and no, i didn’t have my pnone with me. so sorry, no pics.

Thanks for the entries ladies and gents. The competition is now closed. We’ll announce the two winners tomorrow when there will be more chance of me not being drunk :beer: :yes: