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More Minimalist Movie Posters

Remember the guy who cut a sheet of glass under water with a pair of scissors? That happened yesterday, except it was the glass that cut me. A large bit of my epidermis got sliced off my left hand and left me a lesser man. At least that’s the excuse I’ve used to get out of any chores around the house. Don’t tell anyone.

None of my injuries have anything to do with what this post is about, but sometimes that’s how I roll. Minimalist movie posters are all the rage these days, and in this post we take a look at re-imagined classics, alternative posters for super hero films, and horror flicks penned by Stephen King. See our selection after the jump.

Israeli designer Gidi Vigo gives super hero movies the minimalist treatment in his set of alternative film posters.

See the full set on Vigo’s blog. You may also like his set of spoiler movie posters, I don’t think I need to tell you that they contain spoilers.

Bee combs captures the essence of Stephen King movies in his set of movie posters.

More of bee combs’ designs on his Movie Poster set.

Profound Whatever re-imagines some movie classics. Why? Because he was bored.

See more at Profound Whatever’s Film Posters set.

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