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Lomography Spinner 360 Makes Your World Turn

Here’s a novel way to take a panoramic photograph. When you pull the rip-cord attached to the Spinner 360° from, the camera spins all the way around on its axis and captures a 360-degree panoramic photo complete with the super-cool over-saturated effects that you’ve come to love from lomography, even the sprocket holes are exposed for that retro look.

The camera’s design is pretty simple using a rubber band drive to power it. It uses standard 35mm film and can create a panoramic image that’s four times longer than a conventional landscape photo. The makers have even created a set of standard shooting techniques including the overhead spin, timescan, rollercoaster, and manual exposure. Have a look at some images created by the Spinner 360° after the jump.

Click the images to see them bigger.

Standard Spin – Includes you in the image.

Overhead Spin – You’re not in the picture.

Timescan – Here the camera is fixed, it is you who turns the handle.

Rollercoaster – The camera is held aslant.

Manual exposure – You control the speed of the camera.

The Spinner 360° cost 125 Euros from the official Lomography shop.

[via 9GAG]

3 replies on “Lomography Spinner 360 Makes Your World Turn”

Saw this the other day and it looks awesome – Might have a look at getting one to see what they really like.

Lomography isn’t a cheap hobby, then again neither is playing video games that cost R600 – R700 a pop.

I wonder if there is a photography school around these parts that lets you try loan one out for a weekend to experiment?