Under the Skin: See-Thru Pin-ups

When it comes to sexy pin-ups, we’ve admired the quaint, vintage hotties and dead sexy lasses but we’ve never seen them quite like this before. The pin-ups in this calendar may interest those who want to see a little more than the superficial details.

See the good bone structure of the x-ray pin-up girls after the jump, it’s possibly NSFW unless you’re on someone else’s computer.

The calendar was commissioned by Ezio, a company that manufactures medical supplies.

[via Geekologie]

3 replies on “Under the Skin: See-Thru Pin-ups”

um… for once i can say i have no comments… this is just… in a little way… disturbing…

Lol Azraelz, stuck for words, that’s a first.

It’s a pity they’re not wallpaper size, I would have loved one for my desktop. Not for work obviously, colleagues looked at me funny the last time I had this Psychedelic Life wallpaper made from babies.