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Bzzzzzzzzzz: Funniest Vuvuzela Images

The vuvuzela has been a South African institution since the 90s. While they may sound like a horde of angry weaponized bees, vuvuzelas are a staple of the football world cup, a soundtrack for the tournament if you will. One local lass ripped her windpipe trying to blow into the device (perhaps sucking was her forte), players have complained the drone has messed with their concentration, and one broadcaster has added audio filters to dampen the constant blaring. In all seriousness, some commentators have likened the sound to an elephant passing gas or a cow being given a surprise enema, which in itself would be a funny sight.

It seems some of the ====<() madness has died down from Twitter unless for some reason you’re following @the_vuvuzela, but the vuvuzela is parping its way to memedom with funny image macros popping up on the 4chan boards. Have a look at some of them collected by Know Your Meme.

A sound of a thousand meanings – every one of them the samePARP!

You stand accused of treason, you shall be sentenced to eternal deafness PARP!

Listen up to my tunes PARP!

Fresh from nature – PARP!

Keep your memories of WC2010 alive with this collection of commemorative football anthems PARPS!

The sounds of angelic trumpets PARPS!

M@th*rf%c!ers halt, when my vuvuzela, start blowin
Thunder, strikes your land with a PARP!


Kan-ye hear the sound of AfricaPARP?

See more at Know Your Meme. If you’ve spotted some funny vuvu images, do let us know.

BONUS:And here’s one we made:

[via GoDsGiMp | dorothyblack]

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