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Medals for Console War Veterans

There’s always a competitive streak in gamers. More often than not, we’re trying to one-up others by posting the best lap times, having a better KD ratio, or by obliterating a mate’s pithy Super Stardust score. Sometimes we get obsessed/possessed and single-minded in our hobby. That competitiveness also shows itself in the console we choose to support. The “System wars” have raged on since the late 70s with arguments followed by counter-arguments, and countless fanboys perishing in the great debates on website and forums all over the world.

An online boutique has created a set of six commemorative medals as a reminder of the allegiances made, the friends that were lost, and the endless battles we have been a part of. Check them out after the jump.

The medals are available for purchase, €18.00 at Supermandolini. The Playstation medal is sold out ;-)

[via Kotaku]