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Bizarre Steampunk Taxidermy

Well this is a touch bizarre. To make her art, Australian-born Lisa Black combines the medical practice of taxidermy with the aesthetics of steampunk. It’s a rather unusual combination and it’s really amazing to see these broken, taxidermied animals whose missing parts have been replaced with little gears and screws, like the innards of a vintage clock.

In her interview with YouBentMyWookie, Black explains her motivation behind her art pieces – she believes in transhumanism which is a movement that believes in the use of modern technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics. Black tries to applies those ideologies to her animal creations.

In situations like these, I think pictures do tell a thousand words. Have a look at some of her steampunk taxidermy after the jump.

Fixed – Rat

Fixed – Fawn

Departed – Caracal Skull

Departed – Vervet Half Monkey Skull

Departed – Vervet Monkey Skull

Fixed – Baby Crocodile

Fixed – Turtle

Fixed – Ferret

Fixed – Heart

Fixed – Duckling Head

Fixed – Duckling

See more of her amazing work at

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7 replies on “Bizarre Steampunk Taxidermy”

true, but i never quite got the whole lets stuff dead animals thing.
or the old granny that’s cat dies, and she misses it soo much she gets it stuffed… there’s a pretty kitty… kitty hungry… let me scratch your ear…

my personal view is all dead things need to be either cremated or burried. personally give my body up for organ donars, and medical research.

@ Azraelz: People can very be sentimental about loved ones and pets. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I can understand why they might want to keep their pets with them even after they have passed on.

If you don’t like this, you might not appreciate Polly Morgan’s work either. She is also an art taxidermist however she tends to place her animals in very unexpected scenes.

@biobot: I believe Lisa Black only makes gilded butterflies, but you might be more interested in Reid Peppard’s jewellery.

lol. i checked out polly morgan’s work. as soon as i saw the robin in the smashed glass, i cracked up laughing. look, it isn’t my taste, but i can see the humour in it. not sure how the whole sentimental part comes in. but still interesting.

as for Reid Peppards jewellery, i wear leather, so i don’t see what is wrong with that…