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Pure Brilliance! Inception Meets Toy Story 3

Christopher Nolan’s existential heist-film Inception is doing fabulously at the American box office grossing over USD 140 million thus far. It’s certainly our most anticipated movie of the year and is finally showing in South Africa this weekend.

Pixar’s best film to date, Toy Story 3, is being hailed as an almost perfect film, ranking 99% at Rotten Tomatoes.

So we have two fantastic films and as it so happens awesome things have a habit of attracting each other. From the peeps over at Screen Rant comes a brilliant little mashup that blends the colourful visuals of Toy Story 3 with the eerie sounds of Inception. Check out their re-cut trailer below.

BONUS: YouTube user ColbyCornish has created another related trailer mashup, this time with the two most bodacious dudes – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Inception. No…way. Yes way. See it after the jump.

[via My Modern Metropolis | GeekTyrant]

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