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What Local Tweeps Say About Inception

However right or wrong, I tend to use Rotten Tomatoes as a yardstick when it comes to deciding whether I want to watch a movie. They’ve not always been right, for example Enduring Love garnered 61% and when I saw it I would have rather poked a bear in the testicles, an experience would have been far more pleasurable that what I saw on the big screen. In any case, sometimes you don’t want (or need) to read a lengthy dissertation about a movie by some pompous critic, you want to know what people on the street think about it.

Christopher Nolan’s Inception just released this weekend and in case you wanted to forgo the critics’ thoughts (spoiler: they liked it) and opt for opinions in 140 characters or less, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched high and low on Twitter, from the mother city to eGoli to Polokwane for what South African tweeple are saying about Inception. You might think our sampling might be confirmation bias, but I assure you it’s not – of the tweets we found, only two people fell asleep and Sentletse Diakanyo from Thought Leader seems to have left before it ended – perhaps he couldn’t hold his pee in any longer.

Just watched Inception again…. Awesome… Again… Go watch it…. Now!Sun Aug 01 18:21:16 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

A dream within a dream within a dream… within a dream. Inception – Genius filmmaking. Entertaining. Very clever! See it!Sun Aug 01 16:11:40 via UberTwitter

So went to watch Inception. The movie is rather good, but it didnt prevent a guy from falling asleep. Could hear him snoreSun Aug 01 12:31:48 via Gravity

See a few more reactions after the jump.

#Inception got me asking a lot of fucking questions about how I get to kill more bad guys whilst lying down.Sun Aug 01 09:20:32 via web

I have the same feeling I had after watching The Matrix… Thorough, orgasm worthy mind-fuckery. Stop spinning. Stop spinning! #InceptionSun Aug 01 21:46:41 via

saw Inception after taking muchos flu meds. As a result I spent the movie, keen as I was, drifting between dream and reality #ironicSun Aug 01 15:54:36 via TweetDeck

Dear Christopher Nolan, thank you.Sun Aug 01 18:22:43 via Echofon

No, I ultimately left. RT @AndyCwe: @Sentletse Did u finish #Inception?Sun Aug 01 09:36:06 via ÜberTwitter

Fell asleep watching Inception… Sorry!Sun Aug 01 22:12:57 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

This is another guy on twitter saying that #Inception was brilliant. Well it wasSun Aug 01 21:32:12 via TweetDeck

Omg inception~mind fuckSun Aug 01 20:48:33 via ÜberTwitter

RT how very dare you!!!! @Retini: Inception: A higher grade Ocean’s 11?Sun Aug 01 20:21:11 via UberTwitter

Inception is a really good movie. It work up my nerves to the point that I went pale and had to run to the bathroom. #TruestorySun Aug 01 19:58:31 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Inception is the most engaging film I’ve ever seen, and it might be my new favourite. There, I said it.less than a minute ago via Chromed Bird

#INCEPTION Totally concept-driven movie with oodles of action. I loved it. Jen hated it. Don’t see it in Hyde Park Nu Metro 8. Sound messed.less than a minute ago via Seesmic for Android

Let us know your thoughts about the film, but please no spoilers. I’m waiting for Furry Luce to get back into the country before we see it together. Going without her is also like poking a bear in the testicles – it’s just not done.