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“Harden The Fuck Up” and Other Wallpaper

Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Prawn can make wallpaper but it seems good ones can be hard to find. It’s also a very subject thing so you might not find these ones relevant to your interest unless you need a bit of encouragement, or are looking for a minimalist take on Officer’s Murtaugh unmentionables, or just fancy a pair of hot buns. Check them out after the jump.

Doctor WhoFull size.

InceptionFull size.

Patriot 2Full size.

Tron LegacyFull size.

Harden The Fuck UpFull size.

Starcraft 2Full size.

PandaFull size.

HeadacheFull size.

The Murtaugh ListFull size.

Hot BunsFull size.

If there’s a wallpaper you’re particularly keen on, do let us know in the comments.