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The Most Amazing Street Art

Graffiti artist El Mac brings the streets to life with his most amazing murals. From the urban scenes of the USA to Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, Switzerland and recently in far-east places like Vietnam and Singapore, El Mac has made his mark and I’m sure people are happier for it. Like-minded artist Retna sometimes joins El Mac on his adventures. Have a look at some of his and their combined work after the jump.

Miami, USA

Salt Lake City, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Montreal, Canada

Berlin, Germany

Dublin, Ireland

Milan, Italy

Tilburg, Netherlands

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Little India, Singapore

Here’s a time-lapse video of El Mac and Retna working on a piece, Of Our Youth, in Culver City.

And here’s another clip of El Mac’s exploits in Singapore.

See loads more of El Mac’s fantastic murals on Flickr and visit his blog.

[via Looks Like Good Design]

10 replies on “The Most Amazing Street Art”

why do things look even more epic in time lapse?

just had a look at his flickr page and man their stuff is awesome, and the scale of some of their work is most impressive

That one is particularly huge. It was difficult choosing the ones to post here, I like them all but my favourite is the “Ave Maria” mural that El Mac and Retna did in Salt Lake City.