Evil Movie Corporations and Their Websites

Movies and TV series wouldn’t be any fun without the involvement of nefarious corporations. With their limitless budgets and an expendable workforce, fictitious entities like Cyberdyne Systems, Omni Consumer Products, and Momcorp (love you, Mom!) can extend their reach much further than you would expect. Imagine what they would be capable of if they had websites.

Artist and sci-fi fanatic, Mikko Vartio from Helsinki, Finland imagines just that in a case-study where he takes a six evil movie corporations and creates a mockups of their websites based on real-life corporate websites. The Cyberdyne Systems website, for example, finds a good match in Microsoft and the Tyrell Corporation has its real-life equivalent in a company that produces sex dolls. Have a look at Vartio’s designs after the jump.

Click the images to see some the finer details.


OCP is the nasty corporation from Robocop, but Apple does much better job succeeding in the path of evilness. My vision of OCP site has some same resemblance of Apple’s site, but that is purely a coincidence.


The evil company Rekall is specialized on screwing your brain with false memories, stuff like travelling into Mars. If there is evil travelling corporation, it is definitely RyanAir – the wicked airlines with their their cheap tactics and butt-ugly websites.


Weyland-Yutani should ring the bell from Alien-movies. I’ve been reading some news and looks like Toyota is doing fine job with their evil products and alien-technology.


Skynet has been sending robots from the future since good old Terminator-days. Everybody thinks that Google is the new real-life Skynet, but I say that the stealthy search engine Bing from Microsoft is the genuine evil dopedealer.(eg. Skynet-logo with Google-colors is way too easy).


When there is Skynet, there is also Cyberdyne. So, is Microsoft the Cyberdyne? Sure looks so.


Bladerunner is classic movie, where Han Solo shoots robots. While the evil corporation Tyrell produces too realistic clones, our real world equivalent RealDoll (check mainpage, NSFW) does the same with evil sexdolls.

Which is your favourite evil movie company? We’re big fans of the Acme Corporation and all its comical, non-functioning products.

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