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Who Let The Dogs Out 3: Return to Paradise

If you follow us on Twitter and visit the blog occasionally, you may know of our two puppies – Mina the fox terrier terrorist and Panya our whippet of destruction. When they’re not lounging about at home chewing on all of my stuff, we like to take them for walkies. It’s usually up the mountain close to where we live, but for treats, they get to run amok on the beach.

Yesterday was such a great day so we got up early (9:00am) and headed out to Sunset Beach in Milnerton. You might think this déjà vu – we have been to that very beach in Who Let The Dog Out #1. In episode 2, they escaped to Arniston, and led lives of “baie mooi honde”. Now, in episode 3, they return to paradise to frolic and pester little children. We had our camera on hand and snapped a couple of photos to share with you. Find them after the jump.

Once again if you’d like to leave the puppies a message, drop us a comment. I’ll pass them along as I’m fluent in dog.

4 replies on “Who Let The Dogs Out 3: Return to Paradise”

To the dogs I send many smooches and much scratching in that sweet spot behind the ear.

To the photographer I send many compliments because as usual GREAT photos. I especially love the last one even though her face is slightly in shadow you totally caught that mischievous and determined look they get when they dig holes and the comp is amazing, in short excellent shot!!

To the rest of the household I send much love and affection and wishes that the next 6 months will speed along so that I can take part in one of these glorious walks on the beach soon.

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:


PS Is it my imagination or has Panya grown a LOT?! she looks huge!

Hey Cuz, it’s always nice to hear from you and it’ll be super awesome to see you two again.

There are a few random shots of the puppies on our Twitpic profile. I took this one the other day at sunset and think it came out pretty nicely.

Panya has grown a fair bit indeed and is still mental. She’s almost full size if I think. We’ve met another Whippet owner recently, Mallix. His puppy is called Misha, he’s very sweet.