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Vagina Bubbles From Hell!

This is ludicrous. No, this is Japan and as frequent commenter and writer Macross likes to tell us, the bomb affected them more than they’d care to mention.

In the movie entitled Female Ninjas: The Magic Chronicles, the assassins are equally skilled in all manner of sexual arts as they are in ninjin’. And in this clip from the movie a female ninja dispatches a foe by using deadly bubbles from her nether regions.

See more bad ninja magic at io9. And speaking of bubbles, you might like what we did to some local bikini models.

[via Boing Boing]

11 replies on “Vagina Bubbles From Hell!”

According to a user review on IMDB, other magic tricks were equally as odd.

One could make her hair grow and strangle people plus she shot silk webbing out of her love canal. One had acid breast milk that melted a guy.

WTF? But it reminds me of a Japanese pron that my friend found that was shot like the anime cartoons. Yes shagging while flying through the trees, that was a strange watch!