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Amazing Artworks by Stanley Lau

Graphic designer Stanley Lau from Singapore goes under the pen name of Artgerm on DeviantArt and his art has been viewed over 8 million times! Together with his buddies, Lau founded the Imaginary Friends Studios and creates concept art for video games companies and comic book publishers. The designs are absolutely amazing, have a look at some of his digital paintings after the jump.

More of Lau’s work can be seen on his Deviantart.

[via The Floating Frog]

8 replies on “Amazing Artworks by Stanley Lau”

They’re all so scrumptious. I’ve seen bits and pieces of his work over the net but never put a name to them. The last one is part of his original “Pepper” series and it seems a seksi Pepper collectible has been made too.

you have just made my day!
Thank you very much.

Only one problem… i feel a lack of blood in my face for some reason… :P

Keep up the awesome posts!