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Furniture Made from Russian Deep-Sea Mines

It is said that when life gives you lemons, you should punch it in the face make lemonade (but not without a license in America as this 7-year old found out). There’s a slightly different saying in Russia, about when life gives you old weapons of war, you should make housewares.

And this exactly what 51-year-old Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin does. In the coastal zone of northern Estonia, there are reportedly loads of rusty mine shells laying around. Made in the 1950s these deep-sea mines weighed over a tonne and housed 240 kg worth of explosives and we used to destroy submarines.  Karmin re-purposes these disused hunks of metal to make very functional bits of Steampunk furniture including desks, armchairs, fireplaces, swings, aquariums, chandeliers, and even a pram.

Have a look at some of his unconventional furniture after the jump.

I’d say you could see more of his distinctive “mine furniture” at Marinemine but the site seems to have been sunk.

[via Boing Boing | Tree Hugger]

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