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Kill Your Co-Workers

Unless you’re a one-man business (and you aren’t a douche), chances are high that you’ll encounter a co-worker who you just want to…invalidate. This rad music video for Flying Lotus explores the theme of killing off irritants in superb style. It starts off with a very happy parade down a town’s main street. The robots have been invited and are having a great time until Rhon, the human, behaves like a dick. It gets bloody from then on, but in a very endearing kind of way.

Check out Kill Your Co-Workers below.

The video was created by graphic designer, Mike Winkelmann. If you’re any good at animation, you can download the 3D models used in the video and create your own. Find the source files on Winkelmann’s website, Beeple.

[via Dooby Brain]

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