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Disney Princes Gone Wild

We’re all for equal opportunity here at Onelargeprawn. You’ve seen Disney Princess looking a tad macabre and taken a trip to the sexy side of fairy tales.

Now it is time for the lads to get a little…undressed. Artist David Kawena takes a look at Disney Princes like we’ve never seen them before (or perhaps never wanted to). Aladdin, Hercules, and Prince Naveen to mention a few are set to go on a homoerotic adventure and are dressed the part – topless and displaying their bulging man bits in boxer briefs and jockstraps (top tip: do not google jockstraps). Will Turner looks especially comely in a frilly renaissance number.

See some of Kawena’s Disney Princes after the jump.



Captain John Smith

Captain Phoebus

Peter Pan

Prince Naveen

Prince Phillip



Will Turner

See more from the series in Kawena’s DeviantART gallery.

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