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Van-tastic! Famous Movie Cars Re-Imagined as Vans

Vans don’t exactly get a lot of air time in movies do they? Sure, a couple of hippies rode around in a van in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre but it didn’t really end too well for them. There was the Mystery Machine in Scooby Doo and while the A-Team’s GMC van may have a special parking space in pop culture, there hasn’t really been much else, has there?

Graphic designer Brandon Ortwein is championing the cause of the humble van in a new image series where he takes vehicles from famous movies and re-imagines them as vans. Have a look at his some of the images from his It Would Have Been Cooler As A Van series after the jump.

Tommy The Van Engine

The BatVan Mobile

The Titanic Van Sinks

The General Van

Ecto Van-1

Optimus Van

Back to The Future DeloreVan

Gran Van Torino

Herb The Love Van


Aren’t they van-tastic? Let us know your favourite(s).

You can buy these vans as canvasses, laptop and iPad skins, and iPhone cases. Check out Society6 for more information. You can follow Ortwein on Twitter too.

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