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The Springleap T-shirt Winners!

A week has come and gone and with it brings the close of our latest t-shirt giveaway. To stand a chance of winning a t-shirt from the Springleap shop, we asked you to visit the Springleap shop and choose the t-shirt you’d like to win. As we mentioned before, nothing makes us happier than the sight of you having your cake and eating it too.

We had a great amount of interest in this competition. Our sponsors Springleap and its owner Eran Eyal helped to spread it on Twitter, as did a couple of our friends and their friends, so a big thanks to all for getting the word out. And of course, thanks to all of the entrants for sending in their choices. The Randomizer has done its thing and we’re hoping to make Monday a little happier for five lucky people. Could you be one of the winners? Find out after the jump.

Our five Springleap t-shirt winners are:

  1. Darian Wilken
  2. Shane Wright
  3. Danielle Boxshall-Smith
  4. Terrance Brown
  5. Lorien Amy Bolus

Congratulations to you all! We’ll be in touch shortly to get your delivery details. Hard luck to the other entrants, but we’re going to try our darndest to host more competitions for you to enter soon.

Once again a massive shoutout to our friends at Springleap for ponying up the prizes. If you’re on Twitter, follow them @Springleap and visit their shop.

13 replies on “The Springleap T-shirt Winners!”

Apologies for the delay but the tees have been sent out. You should receive them soon.

@Azraelz: They were all different, no two winners chose the same tee.

Oh, a little heads-up, I’ve organized a little competition for next week and it won’t involve the Randomizer.