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Solve a Puzzle, Win a Minkster!

NOTE: This competition has ended.

Did you know that the preliminary USB flash drives sold in late 2000 could only store up to 8 MB of data? We’ve come a long way since then with newer, fancier  flash drives being able to hold hundreds of GBs of erotic art personal stuff and allow a bazillion writes to the drive (OK, I lied. It’s only a million.) The design of these devices has changed too and miniaturization has resulted in them being incorporated into everyday items like pens and watches. We’re far more interested in the creative aspect though and have seen a fair share of unusual flash drives. My personal favourite is the humping dog but I’m a touch peculiar.

Keeping with the theme of creative flash drives, we stumbled onto the works of a lovely Cape Town-based graphic designer. Alex Seaton is the creator of Minky, a playful range of designer products and Minksters is her series of super cute USB flash drives. Each 4GB Minkster includes a wallpaper and icons, a puzzle game, and a bonus paper toy that you can make for your desk. There are six Minksters in the series and they come in a range of vibrant colours to liven up your workspace.

We’re giving you the chance to win a Minkster of your choice. This competition is a little different to our last one in that we’re not letting random chance decide the outcome. Your fate is most certainly in your hands this time. We want you to solve a puzzle, a shuffle puzzle in fact. Alex has created the puzzle and a scoreboard specifically for us and all you have to do to win the prize is to top the table at the end of the competition. Have you got what it takes, playa? Find the full competition details after the jump.

To stand a chance of winning a Minkster USB flash drive of your choosing, head to the Minky Game Page and solve the fiendish shuffle puzzle as soon as you can. Once you’ve completed it, type in your contact details – make sure you enter a valid e-mail address. Once you’ve done that, your name and time will be added to the scoreboard. If your time is at the top of the scoreboard at the end of the competition, you will have won.

This competition starts today and ends at 10:00 am on Monday, November 29th. We’ll announce the winner shortly after that time. Do note that this competition is only open to South African residents. Terms and conditions apply.

A big thanks to Alex for sponsoring the prize. If you’d like to buy a Minkster or three, call 021 558 1251 or visit Minky for further information. Minksters are shipped counter-to-counter or couriered by special arrangement.

10 replies on “Solve a Puzzle, Win a Minkster!”

Um… just one question. how many times can i play, because i don’t really want to eliminate everyone from the list… even though i do want to keep beating my time…

4.18 seconds…
Ok, i will stop there for a while. when does this end, so i know when to check to beat the score?

dude… there are some insaine scores now!
I managed to halve my score. here is a little tip for anyone who want to try score big.
solve it once, don’t worry about the time you take, but try solve it with the least amount of moves.
then practice that solution over and over.
you also don’t have to wait for the block to finish sliding before you select another.
but i think we are reaching the limit of the game in times.

my best solution is 30 moves.
the block slides take about a second.
so if it takes you 2 seconds to move your mouse, and see where you next have to click.
my theoretical max time is: (30*1) + (30*2) = 1 minute 30 seconds, but i don’t see that happening. [(No of tiles * movement per tile)+(no of tiles * time to click tile)]

so.. i wander if anyone can actually get that?

currently i am down to 2.3 seconds.
damn, why did i have to think about max times, then come up with a formula?