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Real Fake!

Alex Roman is tricksy. The artist from Madrid, Spain created a superb 60-second TV commercial for Silestone, a brand of quart counter tops. Have a look at it below.

Did you notice anything different about it? Yes, the commercial is entirely computer-generated. For realsies! I’m just shocked at how real those CGI lemons look. I wonder how long it will be before real actors get digitized and I can watch a movie starring the actor of my choice? It couldn’t come soon enough, I’d rather watch Nathan Fillion in the upcoming Uncharted flick. Yes, I’m bitter about Marky Mark being chosen, bitter like a lemon.

[via Ufunk]

BONUS:: If you liked Alex’s work, check out his 12-minute CGI masterpiece, The Third & The Seventh.

3 replies on “Real Fake!”

i see it, but i just don’t believe it… cgi is always easy to spot, but this just takes it to a level that i find disturbing. i’ll never trust what i see on the telly again.

btw Prawn, i’m also disappointed about the choice in actor for uncharted. he ruins almost everything he touches, except boogie nights.