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Kagiso Lediga: Chicken Excellence Officer

Some months back when Trevor Noah became the CEO of Cell C, I wondered what other local comedians Rob Van Vuuren and Loyiso Gola would like to shill if they could. Shame on me for forgetting funny man Kagiso Lediga whose face alone is enough to have me in stitches.

I believe he could sell bacon at a bar mitzvah and richly deserves an endorsement deal. The purveyors of fine flame-grilled peri-peri chicken realized this and recently gave him a prestigious job title in their company, that of chicken excellence officer. The humourous announcement popped up this past Friday. I’ve watched it countless times, LOL’d, and now have a serious hankering for Nando’s. In case you missed it, check it out below.

Update: Upon seeing the killer parody, Cell C’s actual CEO, Lars Reichelt, sent over two 21.6 Mbps speed sticks to Nando’s saying they should consider adding Speedchicken to their menu. Never one to back down from a challenge, Nando’s set about experimenting. Here are the results.

[via Memeburn | 10and5]

4 replies on “Kagiso Lediga: Chicken Excellence Officer”

Trevor Noah is a great comedian (his airport skit is hilarious) but his performance in the Cell C ad felt a little too laboured. Kagiso totally makes this Nando’s ad. Funny enough I spoke to him at a comedy gig some months back and asked him if Trevor Noah was going to show up. Eish.

What a faux pas on your part. asking a comic if another one will be there.

The bit with the copyright symbol is so good.

Yes, my naivety was at all time high then. Kagiso, if you’re googling yourself and find this post (it should be on the first page), then please accept my humble apologies.