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Play This: One Chance

In the world of video games, we don’t normally have to worry about messing up. No biggie, we just simply restart the chapter or go to the autosaved checkpoint and try again. Indie developer, Awkward Silence Games, has crafted a deeply moving flash game with a twist – the restart mechanic does not work.

In the cautionary tale that is “One Chance”, you play the role of scientist John Pilgrim and your team has finally found a cure for cancer. The celebration is short-lived as the cure turns deadly and starts killing every organism on Earth. There are six days left to live and you must decide how to spend those days. Once the game is over, there is no replay feature, hence the title. You’re stuck with the decisions you have made.

You have one chance. Play it and let us know what happened.

[via VinylDestZA on Twitter]

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