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Asialphabet: The A to Z of Japan

In her illustrated series, Asialphabet, artist Yoriko Yoshida creates a most wonderful A to Z of Japan using a variety of items and traditions that make the country so unique. Yoriko uses bonsai, ikebana, manga, ninjas, and a whole lot of other cultural references I don’t entirely understand to form the letters of the English alphabet. The letters Q and X are omitted though.

Have a look at Yoshida’s amazing Asialphabet after the jump.

A is for Akita

B is for Bonsai

C is for Chanoyu

D is for Dashi

E is for Ekiden

F is for Futon

G is for Geta

H is for Haiku

I is for Ikebana

J is for Judo

K is for Karaoke

L is for Loose socks

M is for Manga

N is for Ninja

O is for Origami

P is for Pachinko

R is for Rakugo

S is for Soba

T is for Takarazuka

U is for Urushi

V is for Visual-kei

W is for Waraji

Y is for Yakitori

Z is for Zen

See more of her interesting art on her workbook. And follow Yoriko on Twitter.

[via Pink Tentacle]