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Epic Free Running!

Remember the compilation of terrible freerunning fails and bails? If not, refresh your memory here. As a foil to that, we happened upon a trio of videos that display how the tricks and spins that distinguish free running from parkour are supposed to be done.

The first video, a showreel for British free running team Storm Freerun, contains displays of awesomeness by the team’s current members, although it could have done without all the posturing in the beginning.

The second compilation is by the outfit 3RUN, so-called because of the three disciplines they are excellent at – free running, parkour, and martial arts. It’s a little nauseating in the beginning but if you fight back the vomit, it gets better.

The next clip is the reportedly the world’s best free running compilation, volume 3. It’s relatively entertaining and only brought down by the horrible sounds of Evanescence.

If you have a favourite free running video that you’d like to share, do let us know.

[via NickdeBruyne on Twitter]

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I believe i can fly…. I believe i can touch the sky….
**Hits Ground**

on another note, it would be awesome to do shit like that.