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Wonderful Light Graffiti by Michael Bosanko

What may look like fantastic Photoshop manipulations are in truth made using a variety of coloured torches and digital camera set to a long exposure. Welsh photographer Michael Bosanko creates the most wonderful images of light graffiti in the urban environments of Cardiff and Newport. When creating light graffiti, Bosanko sets the exposure from a little as 10 seconds to almost an hour. He explains that his seven-year fascination of light painting came about in a chance encounter on a holiday to Greece.

“I was taking a picture of a very bright moon one evening when I noticed a swirling effect because the exposure had been left too long. I then realised the beginning of my work in light art and have continued ever since.”

Have a look at a few of his wonderful light art images after the jump.

Aren’t these amazing? See much more of his artworks on his website.

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