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In The Air

I don’t get to fly very often but whenever I do, I wish I were able to videotape the journey. There is always something magical being in a huge metal bird and surveying the landscape from a lofty height. Magical probably wouldn’t be the word that came to Ryan Booth’s mind when he shot a video of his airplane trip.

When Booth flew from Chicago to Texas, the plane he was in was struck by lightning during its ascent and had return to the same airport from which it departed. After a three-hour wait, he then had to get on a different plane to take off in the same storm, and to quell his fears during the flight he took photos and shot a short video of the view from his plane. It’s called In the Air and is surprisingly calm considering his frazzled state. Check it out below.

Read the full story on Booth’s blog.

[via The Huffington Post]

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I’ve never flown before. Icarus and all that, but I probably will sooner or later. Sounds amazing though.