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Speeder Hits 180 km/h On Rhodes Drive

We don’t condone reckless driving here on Onelargeprawn, far too many lives have perished on the roads due to false bravado some people think they have when they get behind the wheel. Take the gentleman in this Youtube clip, his blue Subaru is hurtling down Rhodes Drive, tyres screeching, overtaking motorists. They clearly can’t see the speed limit signs because they’re whizzing by too fast.

The occupants joke about their speeding and at one moment one of them is heard saying, “180“. One can imagine  they’re not talking about a  darts score or geometry homework. The original video, entitled Bit of Fun on the Road has since been removed by the uploader, reportedly because boasting about illegal activities  in  the public domian could be used as evidence in a court of law. Another YouTube user however has made a copy of the clip. See it below.

The comments on YouTube and the article on the newspaper point fingers to a driver named Shandor. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before the police eventually catch up to him.

Update: Another video has surfaced, this time of Shandor driving on a Cape Town highway at reported 250 km/h. It’s not as exciting as it sounds but evidence is evidence I suppose.

[via Cape Argus | Mantiger1000]