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Forest Xylophone Plays Bach’s Cantata 147

Think of a giant xylophone being fashioned out of wood. Now imagine that wooden contraption being set up in the enchanting woodlands of Kyushu, Japan and then used to play a piece of classical music. That is exactly what the inventive people at Drill Inc. did as an advert for a wood-encased phone, the Touch Wood SH-08C. The phone is made from trees that have been culled from overgrown forests.

According to the creators no artificial music was added, they merely adjusted the background levels for effect. Watch as one little wooden ball, with a little help from gravity, rolls down the forest xylophone and plays Bach’s Cantata 147.

[via Engadget]

3 replies on “Forest Xylophone Plays Bach’s Cantata 147”

Really random, and awesome. must of taken forever to get that set up.
i wander how many “do overs” they had….

That is so fecking cool. As Azrailz says, must’ve taken forever to get right. lol @ brand name “touch wood” :D I also just hope that making these “from trees that have been culled from overgrown forests” isn’t just PR speak…

Agreed. Anywhere outside Japan, the phrase “touch wood” may be met with awkward looks.

Maybe the culling bit is PR, but apparently the wood is locally-sourced Cypress and it’s probably more eco-friendly than a lot of other mobile phones out there.