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Alien <3 Predator

Howzit, it has been a while. That’s what happens when trying to work and attempts at a social life will do to you. And I know Boss Prawn (Ed — Boss. That does has a nice ring to it.) must have wondered if I had quit. No I didn’t Prawn.

Thought I’d show you a silly indulgence of mine. I’m a big fan of the Alien and Predator franchises. They are maybe the best alien badasses ever brought to the silver screen, and one day while cruising for anything porn pred, I stumbled on Alien LOVES Predator.

It’s a crazy take on the two aliens Abe (Alien) and Preston (Predator), and the hijinks they get up to as two bachelors. Chaos follows them as they try to live together in their New York City apartment. Simple things like riding the subway and eating out become hilarious, but the really funny one is their speed-dating with human women.

The webcomic is created by Bernie Hou, who uses humor based on adsurdism and non sequitors. The artwork for the strip is made using real-life action figures of the characters set against real-world background photos of NY.

So if you want to have a chuckle, and have some time on your hands, shoot over to Alien Loves Predator. It is also on Facebook, and you can follow Bernie on Twitter.