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What Are the Hardest Languages to Learn?

I love languages, and I’ve personally found that the more languages you know, the funnier the world becomes. Having said that, I’m only totally proficient in a single language (i.e. English), although I’ve got enough bits and bobs of other languages to tell me when the subtitles in foreign TV shows are bullshitting me. How hard is it to learn a new language though? What are the hardest languages to learn, assuming a first language of English? Funny you should ask, because Voxy blog have an infographic that answers just that question. See the infographic after the break.

[via Reddit]

1 reply on “What Are the Hardest Languages to Learn?”

I love the way the subheading “A look at which languages are easiest or most hard for English speakers to pick up” is so tiny as to be practically impossible to read. Thus re-inforcing English-speakers’ erroneous idea that the starting point of all knowledge and communication is English. Drives me nuts. This info only works from the viewpoint of English people. It is NOT generally applicable.