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A Terrific Trio of Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse videos are wonderfully hypnotic aren’t they? We quite like them here on Onelargeprawn and if you’re reading this, we’d assume you do to. If post titles are anything to go by, you’d be right in thinking that my attempt at alliteration was terribly bad. You’d also be correct in thinking that with a little bit of googling I’ve dug up a trio of relatively new time-lapse videos (new, as in I’ve not seen them) and laid them out for your viewing pleasure. We have an interesting take on the “photo-a-day” theme, a flowery transformation, and our perennial favourite, the Aurora Borealis. See them after the jump.

Dunder, Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds

YouTuber, TheDunderBoy, took a daily photo of Dunder, his German Shepherd. In 40 quick seconds, you see Dunder’s growth from an 8-week-old puppy to a 1-year-old adult.

In The Land Of The Northern Lights

In Ole Christian Salomonsen’s first time-lapse effort, he spends over six months taking 50,000 shots near the town of Tromsø in Northern Norway. As expected, the Aurora Borealis is as spectacular as ever.

Dandelion, Flower to Seed Head

Award-winning wildlife cameraman, Neil Bromhall, has worked on many a BBC nature documentary. In this one-minute close-up, he snapped a photo every five to 45 minutes for a month to show the transformation of a dandelion as it flowers and then turns to seed.

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