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Breathtaking High-Speed Photography

You may have seen an earlier post on Alan Sailer, an American photographer who likes to shoot things. In his dark room, Sailer’s custom-built flash rig captures the split-second moment when a bullet makes contact with various everyday items. In his newer experiments, Sailer has taken to capturing the impact of everyday items on other everyday items and they’re equally as breathtaking. Have a look at the artier side of destruction after the jump.

PlayDoh meets a piece of scrap aluminum.

A small key lime makes contact with a light bulb.

Another key lime makes contact with a thin slice of beef.

A radish hitting a thick piece of Lexan.

An egg travelling at at 274 km/h hits a piece of glass.

A super ball obliterates a square of tofu.

A glass meets a fast-moving wooden ball.

A yellow ping pong ball hits a water balloon.

Another ping pong ball crashes through an empty Christmas bulb.

A white gelatin filled Christmas bulb hits a keyboard.

See more of Sailor’s wonderful photos on Flickr.

[via Lost at E Minor]