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A to Z of Video Game Characters: Can You Guess ‘Em All?

We like illustrated alphabets, be it a rather odd one, an A to Z of Star Wars, or a look into Japanese culture and customs.

It’s not often that one comes across an alphabet dedicated to the gaming world. Illustrator Fabian Gonzalez has taken a sampling from the vast range of characters in classic video games and represented them as letters of the alphabet. Find the image in all its glory after the jump.

Click the image to make it bigger.

Can you guess who all the characters in Gonzalez’ VGC Alphabet are? Drop us a comment.

[via Waylou]

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A – spAce invader
B – Bomberman
C – Chun Li
D – Donkey Kong
E – Earthworm Jim
F – Gordon Freeman
G – Guybrush Threepwood
H – King Hippo? E. Honda?
I – Inky
J – ???
K – Ken
L – Link
M – Mario
N – Nemo
O – Opa opa
P – Pac-man
Q – Q*Bert
R – Rockman (aka Megaman)
S – Sonic the Hedgehog
T – Tetris
U – ???
V – Jill Valentine
W – Wario
X – ???
Y – Yoshi
Z – Zelda

@expZA: Worry not for I will share the walk of shame with you. When all the cool kids had NES and SNES, I had a Sega Master System.

@T-Duck: Good job! Ken, Wario, and Freeman are my three favourites from the list.